Friday, January 30, 2009

Saturday 31 Jan

I have just spent fruitless minutes, maybe hours trying to navigate this site to see where to put in extra stuff like slideshows and pics and honestly I just know that somethings are beyond me.  But i figure if you want to have a blog you have to do some blogging right?  So here is the year to date...

We have just come back from a camping trip to Glen Cromie, thats about half an hour from home by a little river.. I suspect it would be a creek in NZ but I wont be picky.  It was cool and wet and that was very important as we have just had 3 consecutive days above 43 degrees.  Unbelievably hot and perhaps a little more stressful when you are staying in a caravan that heats up like a hotbox.  We found that if you put your deck chair in the river, used a rubber ring for a footstool, beers in a bucket with a rock, mosquito repellent in one of the cup holders, sunblock in another, then for added coolness a handtowel that you dunk in the river periodically and wipe round your face and neck then it was almost bearable.  Basically we spent from 2pm to 7pm like that.  Unfortunately Mike dropped his book in the river so I suspect we will be buying that one.  We took young Lucus who was most entertaining, although required constant supervision once he got over his fear of the river.  maybe fear is a good thing.  It is only 35 degrees today so it is  just really hot rather than horrendously hot.

Monday school goes back, although for the first time ever Caitlin won't be returning as she has finished year 12.  She is still in search of a job.  I think if she applied for more she might increase her chances but i suspect that she has been in holiday mode for the last few weeks.  might have to kick her out of the house on Monday morning with her CV in hand and send her door knocking.  That will go down a treat!

When i get my blog running smoothly I am hoping that it will be vaguely interesting with a slideshow and maybe links to the books i am reading, unfortunately i am still at the stage of googling how that is done and when i read the instructions i cant figure them out.  i am wondering if it is one of those things that you need to pay for the upgrade to do the fancy stuff with.  BTW i am reading the Twilight series, Stephenie Meyer, kind of cool but havent seen the movie yet.  I have just finished the Genesis of Shannara series by Terry Brooks.  Good reading, not too much like hard work.

So that is us in a nutshell.  I am busy doing my usual stuff. Scrapbooking, reading and trying to keep house.  Unfortunately the last one isnt one of my strengths.  Still the hot weather makes washing a cinch so there has to be some benefits.


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday 17 January

I think i will have to work on catchier titles, but as this is my first post i will stick with the date for today.  Because today was the day that i would participate in project 365.   now a good blogger would immediately provide you with a link to websites about project 365, but i am a novice and havent got a freshly prepared website.  In fact i am squeezing in this little bit of blogging very quickly before i go to work for my night duty.

So firstly project 365 is quite simply about taking a photo each day and creating a kind of photo journal of your year.  It can be as arty or as mundane as you want.  I am hoping for a bit of both.  We will see.  You might notice that i am 17 days late starting.  That would be fairly normal for me.  in fact i nearly didnt start.  But it just seems like such a good idea. 

Now secondly about us.  I think we are fairly ordinary people.  I am a midwife, my husband is also a midwife but is now working in emergency department.  he is starting work on his masters this year so i think it might be me blogging while he studies.  But we love taking photographs.  I would like to say we love photography but that is an exaggeration because really we are rank beginners.  We have beautiful cameras.  He has a canon 400d and i have the canon 40d. (yep mine is bigger than his).  We are starting a photography course in Feb so i am really hoping to improve my skills this year.  I have a particular interest in photos of babies and pregnant/labouring women.  If i could train for a new career (and i may have to as my back is a bit dodgy) it would be as a photographer.  I work with cs3 and am constantly learning new things about my software... there is so much to learn!  i am a passionate digital scrapbooker. 

As we go.. i hope to put some links up to sites i visit and lots and lots of photos.  Today is just a hello day.  Please dont come here expecting too much.  I am a novice blogger.  So it is going to take me a while to get comfortable here and rearrange the furniture the way i would like it. 



Just a little example of my work with some information about me.  Now additionally i need to make sure that i give credit to Happy Scrap Girl over at for her gorgeous Taylor kit which i used to make my blog header.  it is one of my favorite kits!

Hello world!

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