Saturday, January 17, 2009

Saturday 17 January

I think i will have to work on catchier titles, but as this is my first post i will stick with the date for today.  Because today was the day that i would participate in project 365.   now a good blogger would immediately provide you with a link to websites about project 365, but i am a novice and havent got a freshly prepared website.  In fact i am squeezing in this little bit of blogging very quickly before i go to work for my night duty.

So firstly project 365 is quite simply about taking a photo each day and creating a kind of photo journal of your year.  It can be as arty or as mundane as you want.  I am hoping for a bit of both.  We will see.  You might notice that i am 17 days late starting.  That would be fairly normal for me.  in fact i nearly didnt start.  But it just seems like such a good idea. 

Now secondly about us.  I think we are fairly ordinary people.  I am a midwife, my husband is also a midwife but is now working in emergency department.  he is starting work on his masters this year so i think it might be me blogging while he studies.  But we love taking photographs.  I would like to say we love photography but that is an exaggeration because really we are rank beginners.  We have beautiful cameras.  He has a canon 400d and i have the canon 40d. (yep mine is bigger than his).  We are starting a photography course in Feb so i am really hoping to improve my skills this year.  I have a particular interest in photos of babies and pregnant/labouring women.  If i could train for a new career (and i may have to as my back is a bit dodgy) it would be as a photographer.  I work with cs3 and am constantly learning new things about my software... there is so much to learn!  i am a passionate digital scrapbooker. 

As we go.. i hope to put some links up to sites i visit and lots and lots of photos.  Today is just a hello day.  Please dont come here expecting too much.  I am a novice blogger.  So it is going to take me a while to get comfortable here and rearrange the furniture the way i would like it. 



Just a little example of my work with some information about me.  Now additionally i need to make sure that i give credit to Happy Scrap Girl over at for her gorgeous Taylor kit which i used to make my blog header.  it is one of my favorite kits!

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