Wednesday, May 13, 2009

sorry about the absence

Well it is a couple of days since I blogged. In fact quite a few days. I think that I was so relieved to have finished my kit and finally uploaded all the parts that I kind of breathed a sigh of relief and sat down to vegetate a bit. So no, I haven't made the alphas. I have had one suggestion of a flag alpha like the baby banners i made. What do you think of that idea? It is quite appealing. Other concepts that are making my shortlist are a baby block alpha or a stitched down alpha. All of the ideas are good. Just need to get on to it.. if you have any ideas let me know. Today was a monumentous day! I got an email with a link to a layout made with my Classic Baby kit!!! wahoo that is the first one! And a beautiful comment today about one of my templates. What a buzz that was.
I have finished my night shifts so am enjoying a few days off. However I had better get myself organised and go and do some agency shifts or the money flow could be grim. I hate that! But I figure that I had lots of years as a stay at home mother and now I just gotta go and work. I really notice the change now I am a working mother. I used to have time for much more time consuming meals and could spend all day getting things ready. Now I am constantly looking for easy meal ideas. Our shopping has changed too, with more instant food and prepackaged stuff. I am a bit sad about that as I really do try to avoid lots of packaging and much prefer fresh food. But trying to juggle work and home and fit in scrapbooking requires a few sacrifices.
My reading is going along slowly, still on Petrodor, and they were right when they said it wasnt as good as Sasha, but there you go, I had to try it.
So, I guess you are wondering when there will be some more goodies to try out. But if you are after high quality freebies then I would be hanging out at where they are having a cool contest called So you think you can design. All the kits are free to download and there are so many great kits! Definitely worth checking out.
I am currently having a wee Vinnie Pearce crush. I really like her stuff, it is just different. Different and interesting. On Mothers Day I had a wee spending spree (I figured it was too hard to get Mike to go shopping for digital kits and so I did it myself. He bought me perfume though - Arpege, which I love, and the children bought me new essential oils as I use them so much. I love citrus smells. Mandarin is my favorite, along with, sweet orange and grapefruit. The house always smells so fresh! Caitlin bought me the collectors edition of The Notebook, knowing how much i had enjoyed the movie.
We had a beautiful day with Lucus this week, although he has got a nasty cold. We had fun and just hung round home really and played. Of course I took one or two photos as well!
So.. I plan to get to work on a few more templates. It is fascinating how popular they are. I think i have 10 times as many downloads for the templates as for my kit.
You'll just have to keep checking back because I have no idea when I will get the next template done.

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