Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Monday

I have had so many people download my template. And so many positive comments! It really is exciting. Spurred me on to do some more work on the kit that i have been creating... its only been underway for a couple of months, so it could be a bit longer in the production stage. this is only my first ever kit so it is taking me a while to work out how to do stuff. But today, before I head off to work, i wanted to stop in and share this coupon with you.
I keep telling people about scrapthatidea mostly because I think they have such great value kits. I mean we are all on a budget really and scrapbooking can be a really expensive hobby. Lot of us are out there cruising the freebie stuff, and I love the free downloads more than anyone. But the next best thing is a bargain! And scrapthatidea is full of them. It has only been around about a month so you might not have been there yet. But there it is It is full of good value, gorgeous kits. They even have a one dollar bin. Sara, who I CT for sells there, and her designs are definitely awesome. Tomorrow I will post you some pics to show what is available.. but why don't you go look for yourselves?


  1. Does the coupon code only work for a certain designer? Because I couldn't get it to work.

  2. i just checked back and the code does work. remember you have to use the code off it in the checkout part of your order. Minimum order $3. Hope you check back Kelly to see my answer. Here is the code so you can copy and paste. STI-LINZ-5829