Sunday, April 19, 2009

new week!

The weeks seem to be flying by at the moment! May is just around the corner and with it my daugher's 19th birthday! I received the birthday list last week via email in power point format! You gotta love that! We have had a little discussion about the first item, as i felt that a 16g iphone was a little out of my reach! And the ongoing costs were out of her's! So we have found a better priced phone, and I have a list of Twilight stuff, books, merchandise and a bunch of other books. Such a typical Caitlin list. Mobile phone and books.. usually she asks for dvds too. But I guess as she had already preordered (and paid) for Twilight that she felt she had that covered.
The school holidays are over. My poor children must have had the worst care ever over these holidays. We went to NZ for a week leaving them with our son in law, then worked hard out for the second week. Being slightly vague about dates I was sure there was another week and had planned to do some fun stuff this week, but last night over dinner one of the children mentioned school tomorrow....oops. They did try to cover up their slip and pretend that they meant next week but it was too late and that's where they are now.
Now I really need to do some work on a new template for you, although I have been working hard, first on some pages for Sara's new kit and then on my own kit. I know i keep saying there is one but being my first ever effort I am not sure if I will know when it is finished. It is getting rather large now, I think i have 27 papers, but I have to admit that I am struggling a bit with elements. I think it is time to make an alpha or two and get it ready for release really, so maybe I will aim for the beginning of May. Have to finish some time. And I do want to make another template, the last two have been so popular.
Big news today is Sara's new kit. Dreamland.
Is it not totally gorgeous??? Now it is only $4.00 at scrapthatidea and don't forget to use my coupon code to get 20% off till the end of the month. Here is the code again STI-LINZ-5829. You can just copy and paste it and voila... a bargain. Now I have to show you what I made with it. I had a lot of fun because it just appealed to me on so many levels. First of all I liked that soft dreamy baby boy look...

I was really pleased with this layout, just loved the way the black and white photos worked so well. Then I thought, what else could I do with this layout. And being a huge fan of Joanne Bain and Natali designs I thought about their lovely overlays and decided to have a go at making something along those lines. Well, this was the result.
It's a bit different from my usual stuff but I liked my overlay effort. Then I thought, well what else could I do with this gorgeous kit? And this was the result
So that's why I think this is a top value kit! It is so versatile. You can do all sorts of stuff. Sara has some of the Ct layouts on her blog today, and I am sure she will be posting more tomorrow.
While you are over at scrapthatidea checking out Sara's new kit you should have a look around at some of the other stuff. Vicki, Mel and Stacey have an amazing selection there too, and there are some real bargains.
Ok.. enough blogging, time i looked at template production, got to keep the fans happy!!!!

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