Sunday, August 16, 2009

So long since i blogged

I just haven't felt like there was much to blog about recently so consequently have been very quiet. But I figure that I need to make a bit of an effort and maybe tell you a bit about my CT stuff and other excitement.
You know that it is so long since I blogged that I think it dates back to before we went to Mt Baw Baw for our snow weekend. The boys went snowboarding and the rest of us tobogganed! The photos aren't that good because the weather was pretty overcast and snowy. But it was a fun experience. Probably would have been much more fun if we had booked early so we could have stayed 3 nights in one place instead of having to shift accommodation every night! It was such hard work lugging all our stuff from one place to the other through the snow! And of course being disorganised we hadn't packed well and there was lots of bits and pieces. A nightmare i tell you! It was soooooooo expensive too. I know we could have had a week in Queenstown for the same price including ski hire etc. But you gotta try these things don't you? One of the most frustrating things was the chain hire. You have to hire chains to drive up the mountain. You don't have to put them on the car as there was no snow on the road. If you drive up without them, then they send you back down to get them. So you hire these blasted snow chains and put them in your car and then you take them back! Another good money spinner.
So.. moving on from the delights of the snow. We have been working hard since then and I have been doing lots of scrapbooking. I have now set myself a huge goal, I want to make at least 2 and preferably 4 hybrid albums by the end of the month... or at least mid September. These will be thank you gifts for the ppl we stayed with in the UK this time last year and one for each of my friends that i went with. I have been working hard and today made the first page. Will post a picture once I have it all glued down properly. I am spending a fortune buying all the supplies, had to get new paint brushes, new glue, need new ink... and it is all just so much fun to buy!

I have also been quite busy making new pages for HeatherT, I do love being on her CT because she is so creative and her kits are so different! Not only that but she has such serious talent on her team that I really feel like I need to produce the goods! (that is a positive thing!). Heather has just opened up a new store, so in addition to selling at the amazing Pixelcanvas she is also selling at gottapixel. So we have been busy getting lots of new layouts up for her kits at gotta pixel as well as the pixelcanvas ones. Certainly i was using lots of pixels! Most recently I have been playing with Schools out which incidentally is 50% off at pixelcanvas at the moment. Love the red white and blue colours, i am a bit of a primary colour nut! Here's what i came up with.

First of all here is a look at the kit:

and the matching alpha which is just way cute, is available on Heather's blog.
And here are my layouts:

Which reminds me that the last one, Train Ride hasn't been posted yet. I just forget stuff sometimes. I am getting old now you know.

I have just downloaded a beautiful new HeatherT kit called Delicacies which has the most gorgeous elements and lovely natural shades and oodles of texture. I am really looking forward to making something with it! It is in store already at pixelcanvas so don't forget to check it out.

Before I move on to my other CT projects I will take a short break to tell you how wonderful the Digital Artist Magazine is this August. Wow! For only $5 you get so many downloads that it more than pays for itself. And there is the most gorgeous kit from Lorie Davison aka Studie Lorie at scrapbookgraphics. If you have ever looked at her magnificent fantasy characters and wondered if you could create something magical, then grab DAM and download her free kit and see where all those frogs take you! I can't wait to have a play!

Now Sara of Sweet Blossom Designs has cut back a little and is now putting out her kits fortnightly. I personally think you have to be some sort of a dynamo to manage a new kit every fortnight, and how she was managing it weekly along with a job and a family!! Her new kit which has just hit the shop this week is in two parts, His days gone by and Her days gone by. It all mixes and matches and is just perfect for a heritage type layout. Lovely rich creams and pinks and blues, with aged postcards etc.

And this is the layout I made using a rather gorgeous picture of my mother which had been hand tinted. Style-wise it was a bit of a departure for me as I am usually quite linear, but I decided I wanted to try my hand at the feminine flowing look, and I am pretty happy with it.

And lastly just to had to my busy schedule I have another Ct position for Pure Creativity designs over at Digitalscrapcafe I have only done a couple of layouts for her so far but Chelcee has a lovely bright colourful style plus some gorgeous templates available in her store. Here is what I have made so far
The first one uses a kit called Going to the Beach

and the second layout is using a new colour series which Chelcee has just released. These papers are a great coordinated series in a variety of different colours. All very mix and match. To me they look like gorgeous quilting fabrics!

So.. a lovely long blog with lots of layouts. I am working on a new template for you at the moment and then i think I might have a stab at finishing off my outback kit. I got a bit hung up when I discovered that my extractions were woeful! I need to do so much more work on them. I sort of put it in a box and forgot about it for a while (figuratively speaking).
Everyone is pretty healthy and happy here, although poor Caitlin is not doing too well with her job hunting. It can be so demoralising. Still I have helped her revise her Resume tonight so hopefully that might help. I always think that it pays to make sure that they are using grown up language and have spell checked it. I am really hoping something will come up. She is a hard worker and only working one day a week she is just developing a life of leisure that really is not sustainable!
Will try to get back a bit sooner next time..

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