Saturday, August 29, 2009

Early, really early, or maybe just really late

I just had this idea to make a quick, hi how are you post, and realised it is 1am. But what the heck. Why waste time sleeping when there is blogging to do. I am trying to work out if I have been doing much of interest since I blogged last. No world trips, heck no local trips. Family stuff, work, you know the drill.
I have been doing a bit of scrapbooking, although I have also been working on some hybrid albums for gifts, so I have been dabbling with mouse and tablet as well as glue and ink. It is fun to do both. But I sure do miss the undo button! Still the wonderful fun of sticking stuff down, and winding ribbons and ripping paper. So satisfying too. So Creative Team wise... The new collab kit for Scrapthatidea isn't out until September, so i can't show you my layout for that yet... I am a bit disappointed because i was really pleased with it and would like to share.
HeatherT has such a fantastic new kit out called Delicacies is full of beautiful details. Available at PixelCanvas, it is particularly stunning for heritage type layouts.

I created this layout showing my grandfather back in World War 1.

And for variety a layout of Ben, now

I also made this layout, which I was thrilled with, using Vinnies Film masks and some other bits and pieces.

And then today I made this

I thought it would be fun to celebrate this very moment, with a photo I snapped this morning.
thats it for today folks, gotta do some sleeping. Have two teenage boys sleeping over so who knows what the morning will look like.

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