Monday, June 15, 2009

I dont like Mondays

I don't like Mondays except when I worked the weekend and have Monday off, like today. And today i revelled in being off. I tried to do as little as possible, finishing my book, and working on some scrapbooking for a lot of the day. But eventually I did have to do some stuff even if the most exertion I managed for the day was cooking the dinner! I did make corned beef which is one of my family's favorite ever meals. It has to be just right... first I cook the corned meat in a bottle of ginger ale, which gives it a nice flavour. We like it served with mashed potatoes and carrots, another vege or two is ok so long as they aren't silver beet which because we get out of the garden for nothing my children don't like. They appear to prefer veges bought from the shop. Tonight it was broccoli and asparagus. Then it has to be served with mustard sauce. Lots of mustard sauce. I dont think that mustard sauce is on the weight watchers plan but I ate it anyway. It was all delicious.... thank goodness for the Edmonds cook book and Mustard sauce.
I know.. it isnt riveting, but it is the stuff my life is made up of. We have had no thrilling adventures. Right now the most exciting thing in my evening has been the search for Baking soda so Greg can make a Banana cake to try out the recipe for school cooking tomorrow. As a matter of fact we had none so he has gone to the shop to buy some. Shows how often I bake. But I do love home baking. The smell of fresh cookies makes me go quite weak. Which is why there are none here - definitely not on the weight watchers program.
To be honest I am probably not the best advert for weight watchers really. I don't tend to get to the meetings, but i have been twice. I have not managed to track what I eat for more than one day - that was the first day of course. But joining (i used the special offer join for $1.00) did remind me that I didn't like my middle aged spread much and I have lost a little bit of weight. Do you know what that means? It means that now none of my clothes fit properly. Now they are all long and baggy. I will probably have to go and buy new stuff!!!
So - I know you are probably saying, what is with all this burble... where is the scrapbook stuff? I have to admit that my mojo is a bit damaged at present. I start pages but I have a dickens of a job finishing them. I move stuff, move it some more, then delete it. I bought a couple of kits to see if that would trigger anything, but... no. It isnt lack of supplies. It can't be lack of photos... I have gigabytes of the things. It is just me. Sigh. so I have been out and looked at lots of galleries, and there are lots of inspired people out there. I did think of making a quilt, or a jumper... but then I thought, what about all my UFOs... (unfinished objects). So no new stuff. It is a good time to tidy up my hard drives and back everything up and those kind of chores that I put off. I have done a bit of reading. I read a trilogy by Jim Butcher, well I thought it was a trilogy till i found back four and five. These are the Codex Alera series and they are a good readable bunch of fantasy, great characters and the plot keeps you engrossed throughout, so they get my tick of approval. Scrapbooking? I have done some. Sara has put out a new kit called Space. A nice boy kit with great blue orange colours. I decided to pull out some of my old photos of Ben and use them. I was quite pleased with this.

As always you can find her kits at and she generally has them on special for the first couple of days. This one has a great stapled alpha which I love. That messy stitching is pretty cool too.
Well that is pretty much the update on our thrilling lives. No freebies today either... maybe I should write that at the top?

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