Saturday, June 20, 2009

I like Sundays

I like Sundays now that the children are all teenagers and believe that sleeping in on the weekends is their sacred right. I completely agree, because I think a weekend sleep in is one of the great joys of life. This morning we all slept in until 10.30 which was a bit frustrating as I was planning on being 'at' the speed scrap for pixel canvas at 10.00. So I turned up late, but I caught up and managed to make a pretty cute layout.

I used a kit called Beep Beep by Karen Lewis which I had bought ages ago. I am trying to use up some of my supplies that I have impulse bought and never used. Unfortunately there is a lot of them. I have even been trying hard to clean up and even delete stuff off my EHD so that it is more user friendly. My scrapbooking now is up to 145G. That does include the layouts. But it seems rather... large! And there is a lot of stuff there that I have picked up when I was a devoted freebie hunter. I still love freebies but now I tend to consider carefully whether I really want things because otherwise they just take up space.
I had a big run of shopping this last week, so I have a duty to myself to use all that stuff. Pixel Canvas had a sale so I had to buy some stuff there, it was 40% off! Then i bought a few things by Ninascraps over at Oscraps, love her templates, very simple and graphic. Perfect for someone who is in a creative slump.
Template by Nina scraps Supplies from Jen Wilson Designs Buttons by Bed in a bag special

This layout uses a template by Timounette. another nice simple graphic design (and a freebie on her blog)
Kit Baby Boy Lauries scraps

Those two layouts were enough to remind me that I really can make ok layouts! So goodbye creative slump. And then the big excitement for my week was being invited to join Heather T's Creative Team. I am still a bit blown away by that. I didn't really think that I was up to her standard.. but she likes my style... i was seriously thrilled with that comment. Particularly as i had just spend the last week wondering what on earth my style was. Just for the record I am still not convinced I could define my style, other than "i'll have a go at anything'". Is that a style?
I have of course been hard at work reading, I got stuck into Jim Butcher and have been reading his fantastic fantasy series for a few weeks now. I am waiting for book 5 now. And I see on his website that there is a book 6 to come out in December. That would make a nice Christmas present.

Caitlin is going for her learners this coming week. I keep reminding her that she needs to study for it but she seems to be confident that she knows it. I certainly hope so, because this is the 2nd time she has booked for it. The first time she took herself there and got lost and missed the appointment. We decided that it would be best if we drove her to the appointment this time as there is less chance of her getting lost! Of course once she gets her L plates she will be after me to take her for driving lessons. It is a very scary thought. it is a few years since i took the twins but i do remember it as a very 'interesting' experience. keep in mind that I am not a very good teacher! I guess i managed to learn to drive from my parents and they were very challenging to learn from. there was a lot of yelling. And of course i was sure that I knew everything too. I can still remember driving my parents to Dunedin and dad saying, 'what did that signpost say?' Of course i hadn't even seen the darned signpost. But seriously it said steep grade trucks use low gear. should i really have been interested? Of course he made me use low gear too and everyone passed us. Very embarrassing.

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  1. These are all gorgeous layouts Linz! Cheers, Sara