Saturday, March 14, 2009

And its the end of my week

Well, tomorrow I have one of those much loved items... a day off. I am quite looking forward to it really, and i am resolved to say No to my nursing agency if they ring (yep we all know how good I am at that). Of course days off come with this whole list of things that you have been meaning to do, buy groceries, tidy the house, clean my bathroom, catch up my washing.. and thats only the one's that immediately spring to mind. There is a whole selection of stored 'meaning to do' jobs. Like hemming pants. I think I have 3 or 4 pairs now backlogged... i do wonder why my family can't be a standard height. This current trend of leaving your jeans long and letting the ends wear away was obviously started by children whose mothers were as hopeless as me.. finally they gave up and worse the new jeans anyway and thereby started a whole new fashion statement. i personally am waiting for rolled up bottoms to come back in. Another fashion trend for families with a lazy mother who doesnt hem trousers. And so practical, because if you grow you can unroll them. Of course they do have this huge faded stripe across them where they were rolled, but with effort that too could become a fashion.
So moving on from what I should be doing tomorrow, in fact trying hard to forget what I should be doing, I will look at the things I would like to be doing. Well, I have a serious backlog of photos that need scanning. That would be more interesting, I have bought several new kits lately which I really should scrap with. That would definitely be interesting. There are some challenges I was going to enter. The third part of My story Matters has started at This time it is Your hometown. Now if i scanned my old photos I might find some photos of my hometown, and that would be of definite benefit. So far on my hard drive all i can find are some photos of the cemetary from my mother's funeral. There are photos of all my family's plots. But i was thinking of something a little more scenic.
There is also another challenge I fancied which involved using a title in a foreign language. I have the title all picked out, and the photo, but so far I haven't worked out how to make it all come together. I could do that tomorrow. I have a massage booked for 12 oclock so that is half an hour gone out of the day already. Judging by todays weather it is going to be an inside type day. It is wet and windy today. Mike returned early this morning from the brew camp. He only went overnight and it was a miserable night. I wondered why we didnt go to the lovely bush reserve we went to last year, and Mike told me that it was the scene of one of the biggest fronts of the bushfire... Mirrindindi. Of course, i do remember that in the fire reports. Guess we won't be camping there for a while.
One of the strangest things for me about the bush fires is that we went camping the weekend they started. And it was awful, the heat was just too much. So we took the car and drove round lots of places we hadnt been before. Driving up to Tarralgon and Walhalla, enjoying the native bush and the lovely scenery, smiling as you do at the signs that say, slow koalas crossing, or wombats crossing. I always stare really hard into the bush, but have never managed to see any. Funnily enough (and this is off the topic I was on) the only time I have ever seen a koala in the 'wild' was at Magnetic Island. And it had taken residence in a big tree at the school. You could tell there was something interesting happening by the crowds and the badly parked cars. And there up this tree was this cute as a button koala with its baby. We took a zillion photos and somehow lost the lot. (one of our failure to back ups) So technically it was in the wild, as in, it had chosen to live there, but the Magnetic Island primary school didnt seem like the 'wild' exactly. I had planned on a 4 hr hike to this place where you were likely to see wild koalas but i figured i had already seen one so saved myself the effort! Now back to my bush drive. The point i was going to make was that we drove through lots of little towns that we had never seen before, that a few days later were featured prominently on the news, as being on fire, or at risk from the fires. It was a very sobering thought, that these lovely little towns were now, potentially gone.
Now i have suddenly realised that it is 1200 and i better start getting ready for work. But as you know.. i have a day Off tomorrow!
havent forgotten my qp though. Here it is.
As you can see I have adapted my layout Her First Ball into a qp. I hope you like it. Leave me some love if you do. And if you like this page, then you really should check out the full kit over at If you haven't been there, then you really should, because the prices are excellent. I am really starting to notice that the price of scrapbooking kits is getting higher and higher. For those of us downunder, our poor exchange rate makes buying kits in US dollars really quite pricey. For example, the kit I quite liked on scrapgirls was 8.99, At todays exchange rate that is $13.67. Not small change. Scrapthatidea aims to make their kits reasonably priced. There is even a dollar bin! So it is definitely worth a look. And remember the newsletter is out sunday with some very cute freebies in it. I can't say much more.. but I did see this little ad in Sara's blog.
Yep looking foward to checking my email whenever it is that Sunday occurs in the rest of the world.
Oh and this is a BTW the Spirit of Summer kit (as of a few days ago) had raised $3976. Do a few of you want to go and buy it so we top the $4000 mark? It is only available for a few more days over at Scrapntag. Just think, if only 4 or 5 people buy the kit then we reach the mark! And you certainly are getting a bargain for your money.
Definitely done now! See ya later. Just thought of another thing I could do tomorrow..... make another freebie... hmmm.


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