Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Looooooong week

Suddenly it is Wednesday. If you are wondering where I have been all week, it is really very simple. at work. Nights... again! i dont seem to have seen daylight for some time, but finally the run of nights is over and I am back in the real world! One day off today and then back to my other job tomorrow. But next week we are off on our trip to NZ, so I am calling that a holiday! Even though it looks like it will be a really busy trip, I am really looking forward to seeing everyone. I guess I am also looking forward to just being in New Zealand, it is still home!
This is going to be a quick note. I am pretty tired, just wanted to reassure you that I am still alive. I do hope to get back online in the next day or two so I can show you the pictures of Sara's new kit, and the cute pages I have made with it already. I am thinking there must be a qp coming up soon too, so keep your eye out. Just got to find a few spare moments in my day!

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