Sunday, March 29, 2009

Where have I been?

I started off blogging really regularly but like many things it now is something that I keep having to squeeze in when I remember... and I am not remembering as often as I would like. Certainly life has been shockingly busy and I haven't been getting much besides working and sleeping done. However I do finally have a couple of days off before we go to NZ so I thought I should make an effort and do some blogging.
I can't tell you anything much has been happening in the family. Greg of course turned 17 on 27 March so that was important, but aside from that life has been fairly routine. Mike's course at Uni is quite challenging so that is adding a lot of stress! It is quite putting me off studying ever again.
I have done a reasonable amount of scrapbooking, as Sara has been quite prolific and been creating some great new kits. The latest one is called In the Jungle and has a great colour scheme. Here is a preview
And here is what I did with it.

These pictures were taken on our first Christmas day in townsville. We went for a beautiful walk down by the river and being such keen photographers we got the kids to climb up this huge tree that hung over by the river. You can see by Caitlin's face that she didnt think it was that much fun! Then I scrapped another Townsville photo. this one of Libby.

It is a really gorgeous kit... i do love the colours and as always really reasonably priced. Check out Scrapthatidea to pick it up.
In addition there is another kit due out any day now..... and I do think it is time I knocked up a qp so stay posted. Not only that.. but wait there's more. Yesterday i created my first template. I have never made one before but I was trying to work out how to lift a layout that I had admired. Now it isnt entirely finished, I am still putting the words on the top, but I think it should be ready to give away in the next couple of days too.
So now back to what I should be doing, getting myself organised for my trip. I know we are only going for a short time but it still requires organisation. I am trying to get the washing up to date and make sure meals are organised. We just have to book a rental car and then we should be all set.
see you later

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  1. Gorgeous pages as usual Linz! Bet you're excited about your trip! Cheers, Sara