Sunday, February 8, 2009

Australian Bush Fires!!!!

Here in Australia it is hard to escape the awful images of ppl who have lost everything in the bushfires.  Townships have been wiped out, lives lost, the death toll continues to rise.  I watched the news last night and watched a woman sobbing as she described how she had lost everything to a fire that just came out of nowhere.  Scenes of farmers walking through paddocks euthanasing their stock who were so badly burnt but still alive.

It makes me want to do something!!  The first thing on my list is giving blood this afternoon, there are so many people injured, apparently they are desperate for donors.  Then i am planning on going through my house to see what we can take to the donation centre.  But the other thing i would like to do would need a huge amount of help.  I would like to see if i can find enough digital scrapbook designers who would be prepared to donate some time and effort into creating a charity kit with the proceeds going to the relief fund for victims.  At the moment it is a concept, I am still working on a theme, I havent figured out where it would sell, or anything.  But if you are a designer, or a scrapper then maybe you could help.  I know that there are disasters happening all over the world, but this one is happening on my doorstep.  It is happening in townships that I drove through a week ago.

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  1. I'm in... just fill me in on the details