Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Its not working

project 365 that is. It is February and so far although i have taken the photos, i havent managed to blog them.  There are no scrapbook pages.  Most of it is still sitting on the camera.  And I realised that we take photos ALL the time... i mean ask the kids.  And i am not going to put more guilt on  myself for not achieving this.  I have a goal... it is photographing our life.  creating a rich and full history for the children to enjoy.  To document them at each age and stage, to have a record of their achievments.  And we are already doing that so I officialy quite before i start.  I will just stick with what i have always done.  taking photos.

First night of our photography course last night, and we have our practical day on Sunday so i am hoping that i am going to learn more about not only using my camera but composing my photos better.

I am off tonight to do a night shift... my favorite, although i do really appreciate the $$.  Then in the morning i need to zoom down to Frankston for my MRI at 8.45 am.  I am not sure how I am going go make it home, but it is going to take some effort.  Of course today was a bit emotional, it appears that Workcover, the insurance company who handle work injuries may not pay for my MRI, but certainly i cant get them to pay for it until they have thought about it.  So I have to pay tomorrow and put in the receipt in the hope that they pay.  Once again back to that cleft stick... do i want them to find something, proving that my back is damaged and then hopefully treatable, or am i better off with a soft tissue injury which doesnt really show up but hurts like hell, but can be managed with physio, massage and medication.    Right at the moment it is hinging on whether or not I have reinjured myself, which would be a second claim and require new paperwork and approval or if i have exacerbated the previous injury in which case it is all covered.  Either way they have to pay for the MRI, it is just a question of when really.  I am just finding it a bit much, not just the financial pressure, but the emotional games.  Anyway better get myself organised so i can get up and go to work.  What a delightful thought.

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