Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I think you can tell when my inspiration is low. Somehow the snappy title just doesnt come to mind. I thought of i dont like Mondays, but since it was Wednesday that was out, similarly Thank God its Friday didnt make the cut either. I dont think there is anthing particular associated with Wednesday. Perhaps because it is midweek and no one is really thinking by that stage. Just head down bum up getting through the week. Just a thought...
Anyway today was Grandparents day which is always a bit of a treat for us. Of course it is usually our only day off as well, although in Mike's case, even that wasn't true as he has now gone off to do Night shift. I often leave the f out of night shift. It seems appropriate somehow. So here i am 1038 at night wondering why i am not asleep already. It was the scrapbooking of course. I have just been trying to get this darned page right and somehow it just hasnt been right. I think i will sleep on it now and if i like it in the morning then maybe it is ok. I dont know if my judgement is all that flash by this time.
i am trying to remember if i posted my newest layout and think.. not. So i will pop in my rendition of Lucus finding the perfect bedroom... at Ikea, well where else? I love Ikea. I love all those rooms they set up, doesnt it remind you of playing house when you were a kid. They do look ready to move in and Lucus was dead set on moving right on in. I didnt blame him, it was super cute. We may have to invest in some of the cute accessories for his birthday. We are trying to budget more effectively and not spoil him with new stuff quite so outrageously on ever visit. Today we only bought, gumboots, socks, knickers and a sweatshirt, so that is not much at all really (i know you are thinking, what no toys? but we did buy a whole bunch of bath toys at Aldi on Sunday) Aldi is another shop i like. You go in for groceries and if you are like us you come out with a new garden pump. I am a little vague about its purpose but i hope for $80 it does something useful.
I have had the day off today, but hopefully will get some work thursday/friday. I know i told you on Monday that the agency rang at 8pm and cancelled. Well i published my blog and was relishing a very large, extremely yummy gin and tonic and they rang me back at 9pm and said the hospital has changed its mind!! Jeepers i was just about ready to say me too, but I didnt and got myself out of bed, deserted the G&T and went off to work. it was ok.. i mean.. you go, you work and they pay you, what more can you ask?
My real job at the Birth Centre is so increasingly political that I am finding it exhausting. It seems highly possible that the birth centre may cease to exist. Not that they are threatening to close us, it is more subtle than that. The plans for the changes to Delivery Suite just dont really include us... I think we are in danger of being phased out. So of course every one is up in arms and writing letters... well except me who is just not quite energentic enough. I guess i am a bit pessimistic about it all. The powers that be, obstetricians and administrators will do what they want and i am not all that convinced we can do anything to change that. I just can't seem to raise the energy for jumping up and down.
So.. i think i will post the layout and leave it at that. i have taken dozens of photos today, poor Lucus with his paparazzi but havent got them off the camera yet. It is hard to remember all the stuff about getting the settings right when you have a fast moving target! Night all lots of love.


  1. Being cancelled, then called back in - I hate that! I also hate night shift. I also hate this economy. Everyone I know has had lots of layoffs at their workplace. Nurses are not being laid off but they're not being hired, either. I guess I'll keep my two jobs.

    A psychologist Rene's been seeing thinks Scott may have Asperger's syndrome - it would be an explanation for the huge disconnect between his intellect, schoolwork and social abilities. Thankfully, he has been moved to the alternative high school. He was really upset about and opposed to it, but is happy now. For the first time in years, he likes his school. He's also discovered photography. He's been miserable for years so I am thrilled with these changes and pretty much okay if he has Asperger's. It would explain so much. And help Rene to stop blaming Scott (or me) for everything.

    It is snowing heavily, with 4" on the ground already. I called in to work because I can't get my car out; no traction at all. I think I'll take advantage and go back to bed.

  2. Wow, Lucas' IKEA layout is the cutest. I love the photos of him making himself at home. And the placement of the journaling and title is very clever.
    Ya know what, I love shopping at Aldi, too :-) I didn't even know they were in Australia too, being a German company. The world sure is getting smaller and smaller.
    Sorry to hear about your job. It sure is tough to be on standby all the time.