Monday, February 23, 2009

Welcome to my new home

Well what do you think? I am pretty pleased with our new blog. Mike and i sat here together on our laptops editing different bits at the same time. i was a bit surprised that it would let us do that. He put the slideshows in, i put in the header and sidebars and voila.... new blog.
So here i sit at 8pm feeling a bit lost. The agency rang and booked me for a night shift in delivery suite at one of my favorite hospitals at about 2pm. So i went to bed, had a rest, got up had a coffee and then... about 10 minutes ago they rang and cancelled. There goes a very substantial amount of money. It is hard to be completely upset because i can tell you that at 8pm i have no desire to go to work for the night. In fact when they ring it is almost a relief which is silly coz the money would have been darned useful. We need to register Mike's car this week and we just paid the power bill so I really do have to work! Particularly after the shopping expedition with Ben yesterday. He is now the proud owner of two pairs of skinny jeans and thinks he is Christmas. there is nothing more amusing than when your teenage son discovers fashion. We have to go to the hairdresser this week. No short back and sides or clipper cut for this kid. Nope, we have to look through the magazines and find a 'style' (get that a style!) that we fancy. I mean the poor kid has hair that is straighter than mine but once he has his hair styled we stock up on product and once again... you guessed it - Christmas.
Greg isnt too stressed about fashion, so long as i dont make him wear shorts. Apparently shorts are a very bad look. But essentially he is just always thrilled if you buy him a new t shirt, whereas Ben would inspect it carefully to make sure he liked it before throwing it on the floor where he keeps the rest of his clothes.
Anyway the point of my post was to celebrate my new blog. yay isnt it cute? I got all the instructions and the pretty stuff from AllyBrown who whips this stuff up and gives it away. I must put her blinkie on the blog. hmmm next project.. find out how to put blinkies up.
So just for those of you who are interested in my dear and adorable family, here is the link to snapfish where i uploaded some photos (they print your first 25 for free so i decided to trial them) For those of you like me who find it difficult to find good photo processing and are fussy about your finished product, Snapfish were very satisfactory. They arrived quickly and look great. Here is the link to our album

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