Monday, February 2, 2009

So now I know

Well that was a title to grab your curiosity wasnt it?  What do i know.  That does not allow plugins, so i cant put up my slideshow etc.  Now I have to decide whether to move this riveting bulletin to another site or just work with what i have.  Right now, working with what I have seems a better option than starting off again.  Besides probably no one reads this.... feel free to comment.  So today, back to school day.  Greg doing year 12 vcal, Ben doing year 9.  Caitlin job hunting.... well not really.  Right now she needs a small bomb under her.  She makes enough from her part time job to keep her supplied with the basics... books, dvds and junk food.  So today i put the hard word on about board.  We'll see how that goes.  I am going to try and post our February desktop, showcasing of course Lucus.  And if that works I will slip in the page I made today about Caitlin.  Fingers crossed.

[caption id="attachment_17" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="Each month I make a new desktop.. this is February"]Each month I make a new desktop.. this is February[/caption]

Ok.. that went well.  Lets try for the scrapbook page...


well it kind of works.  Not the blog i envision, but given time I might get there.  Today the weather was 'sultry' - well that was what the radio guy said.  That means humid.. 31 degrees, down from the 35 yesterday.  I got a shift at a private hospital in town this afternoon.  It takes me an hour to drive there.  5 hrs into the shift they tell me they dont need me any more.  I was reasonably annoyed.. but came home and spent the evening with my family so i guess that was nice.  Still gotta work to make money... and that really does help with the paying of the bills etc.

Apparently the bush fires are almost out.  29 homes lost and all because of an arsonist.  It really does make you question what kind of a world we live in doesnt it?  We were just lucky no lives were lost.  And what about the little girl thrown off the Westgate bridge a couple of days ago by her father.  Custody dispute.  Now she's dead.  Makes you feel so confused.  what is happening in these people's heads?

But I guess my problem is a bit closer to home.  My boys have really rocked my world with their behaviour.  I thought Benjamin being picked up for shoplifting in September was bad enough, but now they are both charged with burglary.  I feel like i am the most honest person in the world.  I take the extra change back to the shop when they give me too much.  And I know our children have so much stuff.  There was I happily choosing them cell phones for christmas when they decided they would steal someone else's.  I just dont get it.  It really hurts.  Ben has to go to court this time.  i cry just thinking about it.  I keep wondering where I have failed them.  How can they be so bored that burglary seems like a good idea.... that was their reason.  They were bored.  big sigh.

On a happy note, Libby has sent me a couple of pics from Christmas, so this is the twins as of december.

Libby and Mike December 2008

Kind of cute... although i was hoping for a whole bunch of them... maybe she is drip feeding them to me.

anyway getting late and I am going to do some sleeping.

Suddenly realised that I did have something that rated a mention today.  Today was my mothers birthday.  She would have been 80.    I was going to pop up a photo of her, but none on this computer.  So good night, sleep tight.

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  1. sweetblossomdesignsFebruary 2, 2009 at 3:58 AM

    Oh Linz... boys can be such pains in the bum... good luck sorting them out... BTW - I love your desktop and the layout too - I really love your scrappin' style. Cheers, Sara