Sunday, February 8, 2009

Bush fires.

Well if anyone has seen the news then they will know that victoria and Melbourne itself has been through a really tough weekend. Things arent over yet, but they know that there are at least 70 dead in these huge fires that have swept through rural victoria. But some of it has been really close to home. In fact there were even fires in Narre Warren and 6 homes were lost there.

For us it was just lots of scary news, days of incredible heat and the knowledge that incredible tragedies were occurring rather too close for comfort.  However we are all ok, but glad that the temperature has come down a bit.  Early night tonight as we had to be up early for our Photo course which was 9.30 in town.  that meant leaving home at 8.30.  not my thing at all.  No excitement to report.  too tired anyway.

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