Tuesday, February 3, 2009

two days of school... loving it

Second day of school.  I like it.  Mike and I had the day off together, usually this is our Lucus day but Angelique had made other plans today.  So we got over our disappointment and basically lazed in bed most of the day.  Scrapbooked read, played with our cameras as tonight was the first night of our camera class.  It was.......a bit overwhelming.  Aperture, shutter speed, ISO.. ummm was there another thing.  Anyway then it is about light and exposure and if you put it on auto it will probably be fine but if u try to do it manually you could end up with a magnificent photo or a complete dud.  I think that is the summary of the content.  1hr drive to the class, but we nipped into the pub and had a beer and some dinner so that made it worthwhile.

As you may know i have some back issues after a workplace injury in 2007 (april 2007) so it is a while ago now.  Basically it is not improving and i am taking increasing amounts of pills so my doc has given me a referral for an MRI.  I rang up today to book with my calendar open thinking about the next month or two and got a cancellation spot for Thursday.  So I dont know whether I hope they find something so they can potentially fix it, or dont find anything so we keep going with physio, massage and drugs.  I have to admit that this last few days i have been having a bit of a pity party.  Just generally feeling a bit sorry for myself and frustrated by how limited I feel.  The constant tiredness from the pills, best not to mention the other side effects of the meds, you dont want to know about that part.  I was pleased that I managed to make a couple of layouts because my inspiration is a bit low.    Here is todays effort.


Here is the link for her blog if you want to grab the kit


And i can now tell you that I have a place on her Creative Team.  yay.  I just know I am going to have fun working with such great kits!.

And on that note I will take my nightly medications and go to sleep.  Night all.

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