Friday, February 6, 2009


Today they have forecast that we will have the hottest day in Melbourne's record. 47 degrees has been estimated!  At the moment I can tell you that we have incredible hot winds, dust flying everywhere.  The sun... yep could be 47, I know its hot.  And in the background the huge plume of smoke which is the fires in Bunyip National Park.  Thats about half an hour away driving.  i dont know how long it would take a fire to travel that distance, but i am a wee bit nervous.  I admit that i have made a mental checklist of what we should save if we had to leave.... Hard drives, laptops, quilts... and i guess Ben's school books which i bought this morning.  They are also forecasting a cool change later.  Here's hoping that it comes with rain.  There they are up north with floods and here we are so dry... just ready for the fires.

On the creative scene... I have knocked off another layout.  Funny this is one I love and Mike says... its ok. (that means he doesnt like it much)


Tomorrow is the 2nd day of our photo course, the practical session where we hopefully come to grip with the fancy settings.  I have been meaning to get my camera out and try and work it all out, but that would mean trying to read the manual again and I just cant face it.  I mean this manual has 2 pages devoted to inserting the battery correctly.  and i think i have that part down pat, so i dont want to push myself to hard by trying to get through the section on aperture and shutter speed.

I have just finished trying out my new state of the art cleaning product.  I mean for some years now i have been certain that the cleaning product industry is just one big con.  How do we become so dependent on so many different products?  Then i was reading on a forum the other day about using dilute white vinegar in a spray bottle for cleaning... and i thought... well why not.  Funny thing is that it cleaned just as well as my fancy stuff although it didnt leave a scent of pineforest behind.  The toilet, basin and bath and mirror all look great.  But the glass shower screens arent quite there.  i will have to see what the greeen ppl say about that.  Maybe they will say clean them more often, every 3 months may not be enough.  but i dont want to wear them away by over cleaning either.

well i am doing what any sane person would do in this heat.  I am running a cool bath.  I figure that will be the best way of cooling off.  Cold beer, cool bath, good book.... works for me

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