Monday, February 16, 2009


I did have a lot of plans for Monday.  Things I was going to do, but it all changed with one phone call.  Yep the ppl from my Nursing Agency caught up with me and offered me Work.  The trouble is that i just cant say no.  so i didnt.  So i spent my afternoon and evening supporting a woman and her partner having their first baby.  As always it is a special experience for me.  I really do enjoy my work and get so much satisfaction when i see them holding their baby.  i am always quick to point out the photo opportunities too so nothing gets missed.

I did whip up a layout last night.  Somehow it was one of those easy ones that just come together like magic.  I used Sara's Bohemia Kit again.  I guess by now everyone has been off and downloaded it from her blog.

[caption id="attachment_69" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Look Gramps"]Look Gramps[/caption]

I got a letter today from the Red Cross.  I registered online as a blood donor so that I had that part of the paperwork filled out.  So they sent me a letter of thanks explaining that 30 000 ppl have offered to donate blood!  Isnt that phenomenal? Particularly as all you get for your donation is tea and a biccy here.  Anyway they said they will get back to me but probably wont be for 3 weeks or so as they are so overwhelmed with offers.  It is nice to think that ppl are willing to give.

On the same note the charity collab kit is coming together very nicely.  It looks like everyone has worked quickly and I think it will be an amzing kit.  I hope everyone will buy it, even if only just to support the cause.  It has a  beautiful summery theme and will be really useful... i mean you always need a new summery kit right?

That freebie kit I downloaded yesterday Endless Love was absolutely enormous.  I think there were over 400 items in it.  I cant wait to have a play with that as well.  for the the moment tho, it is definitely good night as i notice that it is now tomorrow.  so good morning as well.

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