Friday, February 13, 2009


Well, i guess my biggest excitment is that the Bushfire charity kit is going forward.  Stay posted but it is under creation as we speak.  It may not raise much compared with the telethon and the efforts by coles and safeway but it is a gift from the heart and i think that is precious.

Today Sara over at Sweet Blossom Designs released the first part of her new freebie kit.  I can't really believe she is giving it away.  It is a real winner, with lots of those reds and browns that i love.


Pretty cute huh?  today its the papers


and tomorrow... well just go and look for yourself coz you will be impressed.

Here are a couple of layouts I prepared earlier (i love saying that, it sounds like those cooking shows).

[caption id="attachment_61" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Charmer"]Charmer[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_62" align="alignnone" width="500" caption="Mum's grubby boy"]Mum's grubby boy[/caption]

Poor old Mike is working a late early, so he will be tired this evening, he worked late early. late early.  exhausting stuff. But he wants to come home and brew.  About time he did so as we are all out of beer!  We have been having to buy it!  Ben has decided he urgently needs flourescent green tight drainpipe jeans.  Are these really making a fashion comeback?  I am worried he will look like a leprachaun.  However with his current attitude and lack of effort I have told him he will have to actually do his chores for a week before we go shopping.  I dont know whether it is hormonal, puberty kind of thing, or just how Ben is, but he has been fairly monstrous for the past month.  Every time you check whether he has finished the dishes, you will find a stash of stuff that he has thrown out of sight so he doesnt have to deal with it.  He has just been fighting so hard against doing anything helpful.  Then he gives you that cute cheeky grin and asks you to do something for him.  Right at the moment it just aint working.  Mike is threatening to turn off the dishwasher for 3 weeks and see if they like doing them by hand since they are managing to stack the dishwasher so badly that we have filthy plates.  I guess our children are just so spoilt.  I grew up doing the dishes, mostly on my own.  And it had to be done my parents way.  no cold water, only hot.  The bone handled knives couldnt be soaked in the sink.  The teapot had to be washed just so, then the benches wiped.  The table cleared and wiped.  Was i this dificult?  maybe i am lucky my mother is dead, so she cant comment.

Trying to think if there is anyother excitement in my life.  But no, not really.  It is valentines day, so hopefully we can have a nice evening together.  I am all for heading for the bedroom and locking the door.  maybe watch a romantic movie... bottle of wine and whatever.....  I wont go into detail.  The kids dont think that is very romantic.  They think we should be buying flowers and chocolates and going out.  But sometimes a night in is just as good.

Then tomorrow we have to be up for our Photography course outing.  That should be fun.  I must make sure my battery is charged and my card is empty.  maybe read through the instructions again.   With luck tomorrow or Monday I will be able to post some photos...

So thats it for Valentines Day.  Happy Valentines Day all.  Hope you have a nice one.