Sunday, February 22, 2009

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Couldnt resist the title. Here i am, saturday night, all dressed up and ready to go... to work.  Yeah a bit of a downer isnt it.  but these days Saturday night just respresents a better pay rate.  Mike scored a Sunday morning shift so that will help the bank balance.  Ben has been hilarious this week.  He is after these new green jeans and i told him he had to be good for a week if he wanted them.  So the week is up and tomorrow we have to head off to fountaingate to go shopping.  A bit worried about how much this could cost, but he is so excited and it is such a change for him not to be in trouble.  Greg of course is in trouble again.  Him and his mate took alcohol to the school swimming carnival.  Doh!  I mean i know i was not an angel as a teenager but i was never caught doing anything that dumb!  I think i used to skip school when i wanted to behave badly.  I guess he hasnt cottoned onto that notion yet.    3 days suspension.  Unfortunately he has a big hole to dig in the backyard which may well take him 3 days.  That is because he tried to dig the smaller hole with a pick and went right through the pipe!  Now we need a huge hole so we can repair the pipe and fix the greywater.  It just seems like the greywater is a job that will never finish!!!!

We have found some solutions for it, since the builder stuffed up the installation, well the plumber really.  But first of all we need the hole.  So Greg knows what he will be doing.  Caitlin has been working hard out at Subway, someone is sick or on holiday so she has fulltime shifts.  I think she is finding it pretty tiring.  Not that i have seen much of her as she and i seem to be passing in the night a bit.

Had my Medical Review on Friday so hopefully Workcover will make up their mind about what they will and wont pay for.  It might relieve some of our stresses.  It did make Friday a long day as it was an hour away over in Richmond.  We have done a lot of travelling over the last month with the photo course and work and now the review.  You get to see lots of the pretty parts of Melbourne... certainly the parts we cant afford!

Mike starts uni this week.  He is busy swatting up acid base balance right now.  My favorite subject.  I hope everyone has read the bushfire kit stuff.  It is pretty exciting.  I am going to make my donation and download it tomorrow.  cant wait.

[caption id="attachment_79" align="alignnone" width="196" caption="Floodtide"]Floodtide[/caption]

I have just finished another good read, Judy Nunn Floodtide.  I really enjoy the way she writes about Australia, in this book she certainly made Western Australia and the Pilbara region come alive and made me really curious about going there.  It was a hard to put down book with great characters.  I'm afraid despite my voracious reading I don't represent  much income for the authors as I nearly always get my books from the library or second hand shops.  I figure if i advertise them on my widely read blog then at least there is a chance that someone could be inspired to buy.  I do wonder how you create a widely read blog.  Do I need to be vastly entertaining, or really really funny?  i personslly think it is a lot about free stuff and as i havent yet managed to make anything worthy of giving away that wont be happening for a while.  However i do regularly send the link to my family (waving to my brother and my daughter) in the hopes that they might read it and catch up on what we are up to.

Speaking of which, my brother is planning on coming over this year, so that is pretty exciting.  It wont be as nice as his trip to townsville, its not exactly tropical paradise here!  I hope we are still here.  On the news tonight there is new concern with the bush fires threatening Warburton.  we went camping there in December and I thought it was one of the most gorgeous towns i had ever been to.  i do hope it isnt destroyed!  The weather remains obstinately dry.  the forecast of showers over the weekend came to nothing.

So the weekend is over, not much of a weekend since we both worked through it.  I started this post last night and am finishing it Sunday night.  We have been and bought Ben bright green stretch drainpipe jeans.  Sort of like Kevin bacon in Footloose.  I think with a green t shirt and hat he could look like a leprachaun but he thinks he is the last word in cool.  Mike is calling him the founding member of the PLS (Pakenham Leprechaun Society), but Ben is so thrilled with his pants that he really doesnt care.

Caleb is off to hospital this week for his surgery so it will be a busy week.  We have offered to have Lucus for as long as she need us to.  Such a hardship for us!  I cant wait.

Now before i go I will pop in my newest layout.  this one is part of a challenge series over at  It is called My story matters.  So the first challenge was a layout about your birth.  The second one is about your name.  I am finding that a bit harder, but i thought that a series about me and my childhood might make a nice album for the kids.  So I will post this and then it is definitely sleepy time for this chicky.  BTW.. see i never stop the bushfire kit has raised over $2000 so far!!  isnt that so cool?

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  1. Your blog is beautiful.. but what is with all the bloody stars.. are you compensating for something..

  2. Hey you.. write something would ya????